Peter Young

About the artist

Peter Young



     A long standing interest in 20th century abstract art rather than a formal art education provided the stimulus for Peter young to make his own mark.

    Working mainly in acrylic, on a variety of surfaces he is fascinated by the planes and shapes of the natural worls and their interaction.

    Mostly the paintings present an enigma, but at times stylised representation is allowed to intrude and maybe suggest a narrative. At others, the experience of a mountain landscape is expressed.

    Whatever the starting point, he finds the process of turning the imagined into a form of reality a stimulating one. He finds painting, once begun, often takes on a life of its own, more or less dictating what happens next.

    He would acknowledge a wide range of influences, particularly Klee and Kandinsky, and the American, Richard Diebenkorn, and enjoys seeking out new ways of expression.